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To trade on the financial markets you have to be able to make the best decision: our proposal is useful for those who want a professional service without the restriction of platforms or brokers which are and will be chosen by the investor and above all by relying on best analysts in the industry.

Trading PAW: How does it work?

To actively participate in a PAW investment you simply need to open a free account. Before you can simulate the PAW investment you will need to commit credits which will allow you to simulate real-time profits and losses which can then be used on forex platforms..

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Large upfront capital is no longer necessary to invest in markets!

The Forex market is characterized by an high liquidity where everyone can trade, as there will always be an investor willing to exchange currency pairs. The modern IT systems have allowed this trade to become available to the general public making Forex trading a financial instrument accessible to anyone with a “deposit account” with a Broker and / or a Platform. Through our PAW you will have the possibility to simulate your investment and then actively replicate it on your forex platform before that you entering the market through your trusted broker.


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